Colorado's Premier Mobile Escape Room



OUr Traveling Escape room comes to you!!!

Rocky Mountain Escape Room

What's the big deal?

Our escape experience is designed to entertain and challenge your powers of deduction! Players are locked in a mobile camper and must work as a team to locate and solve a series of puzzles and hints that will lead them out within 60 minutes.


Rocky Mountain Escape Rooms LLC offer a fun and unique experience for friends, family, and colleagues. The puzzles are tough, but the thrill of escaping is worth it! You'll test your teamwork and your brainpower in a challenge that we’re convinced everyone will enjoy.


Can children play?

Our puzzle room is a serious challenge for ages 10 and above!  Think of us for date nights, team building, problem solving, and entertainment, and book a babysitter for a night of grown-up puzzling.


How many people can play?

The escape room camper is designed for five adult participants at a time. Each session lasts for 60 minutes with your team — do you think you and your friends can make it out in time?


Where will you go?

We come to you which means our service area includes a 15-mile range from Downtown Littleton into Denver, Centennial, Highlands Ranch, Englewood, Sheridan, Rino, Hi-Lo Ect... Don't want us to come to your location. No problem! We can also meet you in a mutual fun location.