The Hottest – And Most Cost-Effective – Trend In Team Building

You know the drill.  Your company announces a “team building” event, and suddenly you feel like you’re trapped in a Scott Adams “Dilbert” cartoon.

If only you could escape!

Who hasn’t had to travel to some off-site hotel or conference center and sit through “interpersonal skills training” or “problem solving leadership workshops,” where the exercises are often as goofy their names?  “Lava Walk?” “Rope Trick?” “Explosive Maze?”

You’re supposed to pick up key insights about your own “leadership style,” and to learn to recognize and respect others’ working styles, by trying to help two other teammates make a perfect square out of rope while blindfolded.

And you can’t laugh at the exercise, much as you might like to do so.  That would be a career-limiting boo-boo.

That’s because your company paid a fair amount of money for this event… from travel, to site rental, to materials, to high-priced former psychology majors who “facilitate” the proceedings by saying things like “I see your corner of the rope is not exactly straight.  How does that make you feel?”

No, many employees who’ve been around long enough to endure training exercises of this type are inclined to run in the other direction when they see “team building” on the company calendar.  They may plan to have a wicked and highly-contagious case of bronchitis that day.

The Solution: A Mobile Escape Room Experience

Instead of the standard (pricey) off-site team building event, imagine the bang the company gets for its buck when it engages a mobile escape room experience.

Escape rooms are all the rage these days.  Groups of friends still go to movies and restaurants, of course, but they’re also increasingly turning to more participatory activities for fun.  And the escape room experience is the reigning champ.

But attempting to solve the escape room challenge as a group also serves as the perfect team-building exercise.

To escape in the allotted time, your team must practice great communication skills, each member asserting his/her viewpoint clearly and listening carefully to the input of others.  They must be respectful, and responsive to each others’ contributions and special abilities. They have to pass around the leadership baton, fluidly, in a merit-based way in order to get the best effort of which the team is capable.

Trust builds.  Thinking sharpens.  Relationships strengthen.

No ropes.  No blindfolds.  Just an intriguing, absorbing scenario, clues that emerge as the exercise unfolds, and (above all) a ticking clock.

No expensive facilitated training exercise can do a better job of “team building” than a well designed escape room experience!

Save Time And Money With A Mobile Escape Room Team-Building

Rather than give everyone at least a half day off to drive (or a whole week off to fly) to a training conference, you might be able to get the same impact for your team by bringing in a mobile escape room that can bring the exercise right to your location.

When your employees see “escape room” on the calendar, they will start taking extra vitamins to make sure they aren’t calling in sick that day!  People absolutely love escape rooms.

And the entire experience can be effectively conducted in about an hour.

Talk about efficiency!

Here’s your company’s escape from the ordinary team-building training!  Get in touch with a mobile escape room company today, and schedule your team’s next adventure.  You’ll learn more, and spend less… and that’s nothing to run away from.