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The Camper

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You and a group of friends (or co-workers) are out for a nice day hike, deep in the wooded wilderness.  It’s a beautiful day, the mood is light, and you’re all just starting to get that tired-but-satisfied feeling that comes with a peaceful day in the forest.

You figure you’re near the end of the hike, but the group decides to take one last break before bringing things to a close.

Just ahead, the lead hiker in your group notices a clearing off to one side, and what looks like a structure of some sort.

It’s an old camper!

Who would’ve left this camper out here, in the middle of nowhere?

You try the door.

It’s unlocked!

You look at each other, and almost at the same time, you all begin to nod and smile.  You were about to take a little breather anyway, right?

“Let’s go in and check it out!” someone says.  And you all agree.

You’re the last one in.  As your eyes are just beginning to adjust to the dim interior, you hear the click of the door closing behind you.  You turn around and grasp the knob, making sure it isn’t locked.

But it is.

And that’s just the first of the surprises to come!

Ready For An Adventure Like No Other?
Rocky Mountain Escape Rooms… WE BRING IT.

And so it begins…

Welcome to The Camper, the supremely popular escape room adventure by Rocky Mountain Escape Rooms.  You’re about to have a fantastic experience… just like every group that’s visited The Camper.

Whether you’re there with one other person (Date Night, anyone?), a small group of friends, or a team of co-workers, your experience begins with a back-story briefing, and then the clock starts.

You have only one hour to escape The Camper.

During that time, you’ll have to work as a team, drawing support from your fellow group members and bringing the best out of each of you.  Keep your wits as you discover (and evaluate) the unfolding clues, piece together the intriguing puzzles that lead to new insights, and (ultimately) reach your solution to escape.

(Our capable staff will debrief you after the exercise, and cover any points or clues your team may have missed.)

Though some groups don’t escape The Camper within their allotted 60 minutes, some are surprisingly quick (the record is under half that time).  And no matter the level of success achieved, every group leaves with a smile on their face and an amazing memory to share with friends and family for some time to come.

Take a look at the dozens of five-star reviews we’ve been fortunate enough to receive on Google and Yelp, and you’ll see: Everybody loves The Camper!

Great room! Very unique and the staff was awesome! Highly recommend!

James K.

… And there’s no need to find The Camper… we come to you!

Rocky Mountain Escape Rooms is the Denver area’s fully mobile escape room experience.  If you’re looking forward to an unforgettable special occasion, social event, or corporate team-building, we bring it!

All your group has to focus on is finding your way out of The Camper.  No need to fight the traffic, the parking, or a GPS device to find us.

Call us today and schedule your group’s great escape!  Our delighted customers will tell you: you’ll be very glad you did.