The Asylum Escape Room Denver

Rocky Mountain Escape Rooms presents…
The Asylum

Did you get on the wrong bus?

You have an eerie, unsettled feeling.  You look around at your friends (or co-workers), and they look like they have that same apprehension.

Are you going crazy?

Funny you should ask…because, though you may not know exactly how you got here, or how it all happened, you’re on a ride you don’t want to finish.  You, my friend, are on the bus to The Asylum… and you have only 60 minutes to escape from the bus before it reaches its destination.

Where you will be permanently admitted!

For a crazy good time, call:
Rocky Mountain Escape Rooms… we bring it!

Suddenly, a video starts to play…

… And you and your group become aware that you’ve been trapped on a bus ride to The Asylum, and that you’ll be permanently admitted an hour from now, as soon as the bus arrives.

Unless you can somehow escape!

Whether you’re on a team-building event with your co-workers, or just out with a group of friends, or even with just one other person on a rollicking fun Date Night, you and your colleagues will have to work together as a team to get out of this locked-from-the-outside bus.

You know you’re not supposed to be here… but The Powers That Be are going to make you prove your sanity by solving the most advanced, rigorous escape room challenge ever devised.

Your group will have to put their heads together… be flexible, and able to change course quickly… collect the best ideas from everyone in the group… and build great trust and friendship as the bus races toward a fate you don’t want.

Do you have what it takes?

Discover all the clues you can.  Evaluate them. Are these data points useful, or might some be misleading?

Form hypotheses, and test them.  Be ready to incorporate new information as it becomes available.

Solve tough puzzles that you need to solve in order to get the next clue or insight.

Meanwhile, the clock’s running…

To get out of this mess, you’re going to have to work like – well, like crazy!

Here’s the nutty truth: The Asylum challenge from Rocky Mountain Escape Rooms is one of the most involved, complex, technologically state-of-the-art, difficult escape rooms ever devised.

Only less than a third of the groups who take on this challenge will escape in the allotted time.

But take a look at the dozens of five-star reviews our customers have left on Google, Yelp, and elsewhere online, and you’ll quickly learn that one hundred percent of our groups end up having a crazy-good time (whether they’re successful or not).

(Our courteous and hard-working staff will give your team an entertaining debrief at the end of the hour, covering any points or clues you might have missed along the way.)

The Insanity Comes To You

Rocky Mountain Escape Rooms is the Denver area’s fully mobile escape room experience.  We bring the adventure to you, at home, at work, or even at the local park!

No need to fight traffic, parking, or directions.

All you and your group need to think about is how to escape… before you disappear into The Asylum.

Awesome idea!
I love that this is a mobile service and the concept is perfect for a party, work event or even team building.
I have to say that I needed a little help to get going,
but once your mind is thinking right it’s a lot of fun to solve each puzzle.
The pressure to get out before 60 minutes makes it even more intense.
… Everyone should do it!

Jeff W.

So give us a call today!  See if your group has what it takes to escape The Asylum.

Rocky Mountain Escape Rooms