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You know your firm needs to keep a sharp edge on its most important asset: its people.  That’s why companies invest billions in personnel development, from “boot camp” trainings to off-site team-building workshops.

The cost of HR development can be high… but it’s an investment most firms can’t afford not to make.

For smaller businesses, though the importance of developing people is well known, it’s often hard to find room in the budget for truly impactful employee experiences.  And even for big corporations, keeping control of training costs is always vitally important.

That’s why more and more companies are turning to escape room experiences to help hone their folks’ problem solving skills while providing them with a delightful “benefit” like no other.

And with Rocky Mountain Escape Rooms, your firm can keep even tighter control of the bottom line by saving time and money – we’re fully mobile!  We bring the escape room to you.

All your employees need to think about is finding their way out of our challenging escape rooms in the time allotted… no need to worry about finding the escape room business in the first place!  No traffic, no parking, no lost time.

The puzzles are challenging and interesting.
Great team building exercise!
I love that the escape room comes to where I am rather than me having to drive there.
Such a great idea!  Friendly staff too!

Molly R., Denver

Give Your Employees An Unforgettable Skill-Sharpener
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Rocky Mountain Escape Rooms… We BRING It!

The benefits to your teams are nearly limitless

Here are just a few happy results groups have reported after taking on a Rocky Mountain Escape Rooms team-building challenge:

  • Enjoying time together “outside work,” without having to travel or use time off

  • Sharper thinking and problem-solving skills

  • Better interpersonal relationships

  • Higher self-esteem and sense of group accomplishment

  • Deeper trust among team members

  • Great practice and development of communication skills

  • Learning to manage stress and frustration in a positive way

  • Developing flexible thinking and the ability to “think on your feet”

  • Practice working against a deadline and a “ticking clock”

  • Asking questions and challenging the status quo to defeat “groupthink”

  • Stronger leadership (and followership) skills

  • Clarifying one’s leadership style

  • Learning more about self and others

  • Recognizing and respecting different working and problem-solving styles

  • Rotating leadership among group members at different points in the exercise

  • Solving a different kind of problem than the everyday work challenges

  • Building positive regard for each other and different members’ skills and abilities

  • Having to push through an extremely difficult and stimulating challenge

  • Having a great time!

“We had an absolute blast,” you might hear, “and we almost broke the record!  Thanks, Boss!”

If those words would be music to your ears, give us a call, and let Rocky Mountain Escape Rooms make your company’s next team-building exercise as impactful and delightful as it can be… without costing you resources you need in other areas of the business.

Rocky Mountain Escape Rooms
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