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Nicholas Dittmar

Nicholas Dittmar

If your group has what it takes to conquer the Rocky Mountain Escape Rooms challenge, we have what it takes to bring you the finest escape room experience you can find!

We’re Nicholas Dittmar and Nate Phillips – the creative masterminds behind Rocky Mountain Escape Rooms.  We love what we do, and we’re extremely proud of the experiences we’ve been able to put together for our customers.  And we’re especially proud of the many rave reviews those customers have given us on Google!

We can’t wait to earn our next five-star review… from you.

Denver’s Five-Star Escape Room Experience
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Rocky Mountain Escape Rooms… We Bring It!

We Come To You

You just focus on finding your way out of our challenging escape rooms… no need to worry about finding your way TO the room.

We’re Denver’s mobile escape room masters.  We bring the challenge to you!

We’ll bring The Camper or The Asylum right to your company or event.  It only takes about 15 minutes for us to have your challenge all set-up and ready to go.

And – coming soon – you’ll be able to experience the Rocky Mountain Escape Rooms Express Room, where your group gets all the fun and adventure of the escape room experience in less time!

What We’re Passionate About

Not every group can solve the Rocky Mountain Escape Rooms challenge before the clock runs out.  But every group we’ve entertained has had a fantastic experience – and we have dozens of five-star Google reviews to prove it.

And we’re passionate about keeping that track record of excellence by exceeding our customers’ expectations, every day, time and time again.

  • Corporate Team-Building… Rocky Mountain Escape Rooms delivers an outstanding challenge (and memorable bonding experience) right to your company. That means less “down time” while your people travel to an off-site meeting or team-building exercise, and more time spent in high-impact problem-solving practice.  And we love getting to know your people. From our initial assessments of their individual working styles (using the highly-regarded DiSC Profile), to our opening briefings, to the debriefing after the challenge… we love working hard to make your team-building experience the best you can possibly get.

  • Special Occasions and Social Gatherings… Each lifetime includes certain important or special events you’ll never forget – and we’re absolutely zealous about making your special occasions even more special than you’d imagined!  Whether it’s a first date, or a family reunion… a graduation or a wedding celebration… or simply a fun “night on the town” with friends… you will grow closer as a result of your Rocky Mountain Escape Rooms challenge.  And you’ll have a remarkably great time, too!

When groups complete our challenges – whether or not they’ve “conquered” the puzzles in the allotted time – they can’t wait to tell their friends about the experience. Within a few days, our phone rings, and those friends are booking their own team building or special event. That’s because Rocky Mountain Escape Rooms delivers a unique experience that stays with you.

And that is something we’ll always be passionate about!

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Choose Your Challenge

From rustic to high-tech, and from fun-first to super challenging, Rocky Mountain Escape Rooms offers you an opportunity to dial up the challenge that’s perfect for your group or occasion.

  • The Camper.  Your group is hiking through the woods, enjoying the Great Outdoors, when you come across an old camper in the middle of nowhere.  Intrigued, you step inside to check it out… and the door locks behind you! You’ll have to work together to discover and assess the clues, solve the puzzles, and make your way out of The Camper before time runs out.  The Camper is a fun challenge for anyone age 10 and older… and the degree of difficulty can be adjusted based on the desired experience.

  • The Asylum.  What would happen if your group suddenly found themselves “incarcerated” in an insane asylum?  A crazy-good time! The most advanced, technically-intriguing escape room challenge you’ll find anywhere, The Asylum has been months in the making and is sure to exceed your expectations.  Your group will need great teamwork, and the best effort from every brain in the room, to escape The Asylum. Get out of there, and your team will have bragging rights!

  • Coming Soon: The Express Room.  A great challenge for any group, but in 30-45 minutes instead of the standard hour.  Time will fly as you try to escape!

Very fun, super convenient, and well-designed escape room.
From beginning (booking) to end (escape!), Rocky Mountain Escape Rooms was a very positive experience for me and my friends!
Perfect level of challenge in the puzzles.
I highly recommend them for a date night, work team-building event, girls/guys’ night, family fun night, whatever…
You can even do it if you’re chilling at home and want fun to come to you; it’s a mobile escape room.

Rebecca T.

Rocky Mountain Escape Rooms
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