The Escape Room Experience: Turning Spectators Into Participants

Most experts agree that there will always be room in the entertainment market for “cultured spectatorship” – attendance at theaters, cinemas, opera houses, museums, and the like.

People will always want to watch (or read) a good story.

Then there’s the part of the market for folks who are do-ers… they want to be doing something, either alone or in a group.  Playing golf… rock climbing… kayaking… the active types prefer to spend their free time doing, rather than viewing.

And that segment of the leisure/entertainment market is not going away any time soon, either.

But in the last few years, a new trend has developed in group entertainment.


You can interact with the other members of your golf foresome… but you don’t have to.  You can lean over and whisper a comment to your spouse at the movie theater… but you probably shouldn’t!

But some new trends in leisure and group entertainment are specifically built around the interaction among the various group members.

Live-Action Role Playing (“LARP”), virtual reality games, even live-streaming subscription of video games are entertainment options that either weren’t as red-hot just a few years ago, or didn’t exist at all.

These alternatives ask group members to go beyond viewing, and even beyond doing.  Members are not just watching the story unfold… they’re in the story, helping make it unfold.

And the reigning king of this hot trend in fully-interactive group entertainment options is the escape room experience.

Escape Rooms: All About The Interaction

In a great escape room experience, group participants begin with a briefing to get an idea of the theme’s “back story,” and then they dive in.  They work together as an interactive team, gathering and assessing clues, responding to new information, and solving the puzzles they need to solve to effect their ultimate escape from a “locked” room.

And the clock is ticking.

It’s fun.  It’s an adventure. It’s intriguing, involving, and quite challenging!

And it’s completely interactive.

Nobody undertakes an escape room challenge by themselves.  That would basically defeat the whole purpose. The idea is to get locked into a room with your friends and/or co-workers, and what makes the experience fun and exciting is not knowing how your team interaction is ultimately going to go… or even whether you’ll be successful in escaping before time runs out.

Some of the best and most popular escape room adventures are so challenging that most groups don’t escape on time… but almost all groups still have a blast.  That’s because the fun part is not necessarily the end solution.

It’s the interaction!

(By the way… it’s now possible to enjoy an amazing escape room experience without even leaving home: a great mobile escape room company can bring the room – and the interactive fun – right to your door!)

Do some doing, and do some viewing.  Mix it up… do whatever leisure and group entertainment activity you like best.  But if you haven’t had the ultimate fun group interaction adventure – the escape room experience – try it!  It’s a trend you definitely don’t want to miss out on.