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Every lifetime includes certain milestones… those unforgettable occasions when the memories are made that form the very fabric of our lives.

Your wedding… high school or college graduation… family reunions, holiday get-togethers, special commemorations with dear friends… these events are called “special occasions” for a reason.

But group entertainment options have evolved and changed in recent years, with the advent of new creative technologies and trends in leisure-time preferences.

There will always be special-occasion traditions, like the cutting of the wedding cake or the carving of the turkey at Thanksgiving.  There’s still plenty of room in the group entertainment market for “the standards,” too, like theater, ballet, movies, day hikes, museum trips, and the balloon-animal clown your daughter MUST have for her sixth birthday party!

But new options are finding their place in the market, too.

LARP (“Live Action Role Playing”)… high-tech virtual reality games… new low-tech party games… many of these entertainment options either didn’t exist, or didn’t enjoy their current popularity just a few short years ago.

And the king of these new entertainment trends is the escape room experience.

Groups of 2-10 people love escape rooms.  They’re briefed – given the themed room’s “back story” – and then the clock starts.  They have just 60 minutes to work together, drawing on the best from each person’s mind, to find and assess clues, solve puzzles, and ultimately, to effect their escape!

Escape rooms are challenging, intriguing, and (above all) a LOT of fun.

And it isn’t hard to see how the inclusion of a mobile escape room can make any special occasion or group get-together even more special.  It’s something new.  Something different. Something any group can do, and every group loves!

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Rocky Mountain Escape Rooms… We Bring It!

That’s right… escape rooms have gone mobile

You’ve probably heard about escape rooms… you likely have friends who’ve taken on the challenge and couldn’t wait to tell you about it.  And in a big city like Denver, you have lots of outstanding choices for escape rooms you can visit.

But with the fun, baffling challenges available from Rocky Mountain Escape Rooms, you don’t have to leave your home or office to visit the escape room.  The escape room pays you a visit!

We had so much fun!
It was our first experience with an escape room and it was everything we had hoped!
[Rocky Mountain Escape Rooms] was so helpful and friendly,
and it was so convenient to have access to it at our house!
Perfect for the whole family, and it was the ideal level of challenge.

Aundria R., Denver

Imagine the “special” possibilities

When the escape room comes to you, the opportunities for group fun are nearly endless:

  • Jazz up a small wedding reception by giving each 6-top banquet table-group an opportunity to escape from The Camper, our rustic, old-school mobile escape room that offers a challenge like no other.  Young and old alike love it!

  • First date?  Get to know each other by working together as a couple to solve the Rocky Mountain Escape Rooms challenge.  Sparks may fly… but even if they don’t, you’ll both have a terrific time.

  • A long-time co-worker is moving or retiring… throw her a legendary going-away party by having the group tackle the most advanced and rigorous escape room ever devised: The Asylum from Rocky Mountain Escape Rooms.

  • Family reunions, neighborhood barbecues, holiday parties… you name it.  What extra-special occasion can you dream up?

If your group has what it takes to meet the Rocky Mountain Escape Rooms challenge, we have what it takes to give each and every member a delightful experience they’ll never forget… whether or not their group manages to “beat the clock.”

Call to schedule your group’s experience today!

Rocky Mountain Escape Rooms. We BRING It!