Dial Up The Perfect Combination For Your Escape Room Adventure

Maybe it’s technology.  Maybe it’s the media. It might be Hollywood, or television, or just the fact that there are so many more people out there in the world today.

But as society has changed, the things groups do for entertainment have certainly changed along with it.

Fifty years ago, groups had fewer options for a “night on the town” or weekend activity.  Oh, we still go to the movies, attend sporting events, and go for fun day hikes… but now there are so many more things to choose from when planning an evening or a weekend.

And these days, a lot of people want a real challenge to take on.  That’s what excites them, inspires them, and makes their time on the planet more fun.

Maybe that’s why the escape room experience has become one of the hottest and fastest-growing trends in group entertainment in recent years.\

Fun Meets Challenge In The Escape Room

You’re not just “attending” an escape room.  You have to participate. And that’s what makes it fun.

The typical escape room experience begins with a briefing to give your group the “back story,” and then the clock starts counting down.  You have to work together as a team to find and evaluate clues, hypothesize, collect each other’s ideas, and ultimately solve the puzzle and escape the room before time runs out.

In fact, the best (and most popular) escape room challenges can be very tough.  If every group manages to escape the room in the allotted time, what’s the fun in that?  Escape room enthusiasts will tell you it’s the risk of failure that makes it fun for them.

On the other hand, we are talking about entertainment here.  The puzzles have to be challenging – but not so mind-bending as to cause undue frustration.  If participants are wanting to gouge out their eyes, it’s time to ratchet-back the challenge!

The Best Escape Rooms Know How To Create The Right Balance…

That’s why the best escape room companies – the real pros – are masterminds at devising and executing an escape room experience that allows them to dial the challenge (and the fun) up or down, depending on things like the age range of the group, their general skill level, and the type of experience they’re looking for.

Date Night, or night out on the town with a small group of friends?  That experience may need to be challenging enough to be intriguing, but should probably emphasize the fun factor.

Problem-solving team building for an engineering firm?  That escape room experience will be fun, too, but learning from the rigors of the challenge will likely be the focal point.

…And The Great Ones Make It Convenient, Too

Lately, the escape room experience has gone mobile.  When the escape room can be delivered to you, at your home, your office, or even a nearby park, it saves you the time and money you’d have to spend to travel to the room itself.

And have you noticed that everyone’s in a hurry lately?  Even when they’re enjoying their time off, many groups want a great experience that doesn’t take the entire evening.  For some folks, even the length of a movie is pushing it.

For them, it’s nice to know that the typical awesome escape room experience takes only about an hour.

Flexibility is the key.  You should be able to dial up or down the amount of challenge involved in your escape room experience.  And since you’re part of the story that’s unfolding before your eyes (and not just watching it), that flexibility has been one of the main reasons people love escape rooms, and they’re expected to be extremely popular for some time to come.