Escape rooms are an increasingly-popular game trend that involves being locked in a furnished room with at least one other person and solving puzzles to escape before time runs out. Escape games are available through Rocky Mountain Escape Rooms, which requires participants to solve time-sensitive puzzles so they may escape the camper they are locked in.

The mobile escape room company based out of Littleton, CO, combines thrills with problem-solving skills to provide entertainment for participants of all ages.

Let’s take a quick look at why escape rooms make such versatile entertainment ideas:

  • Team-Building Activity
    Help employees learn to work better together with mobile entertainment challenges through Rocky Mountain Escape Rooms. Escape games require commitment and teamwork to ensure puzzles are solved within the 60-minute time frame.

  • Date Night Idea
    Stray from the standard date night breakdown by being locked in an escape room. Whether meeting for the first or 50th time, an escape room game allows you to enjoy an unorthodox evening together that’s full of excitement.

  • Family Bonding Time
    Enjoy a night of bonding with the family when you opt for escape room fun. Escape games are especially helpful if teen siblings are not getting along, as it encourages them to overcome their issues and work together.

  • Birthday Party
    Throw an incredible birthday shindig by locking guests in an escape room and seeing which team can escape the quickest. An escape room birthday party is one participants will not soon forget.

  • Graduation Fun
    Celebrate the achievements of your favorite graduate in an unusual way when you book an escape room game. Escape games are far cries from standard graduation barbecues!

    Rocky Mountain Escape Rooms offers a special take on the concept thanks to the mobile component, which allows the game to be played anywhere the camper is parked. Learn more about escape games available through Rocky Mountain Escape Rooms by calling 303‑824‑9201 or visiting the website today.