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If you’re looking for a great way to relax with friends, or for a superb team problem-solving adventure for your company’s employee teams, look no further.

Rocky Mountain Escape Rooms are mobile – we come to you! – and we give you the opportunity to dial up exactly the right experience for your particular group or event.

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Rocky Mountain Escape Rooms – Where Fun Meets Challenge

An Experience Like No Other

The escape room experience is unlike any other group entertainment or team-building option.  Maybe that’s why the popularity of escape rooms has grown by leaps and bounds over the past few months.

When your group takes on the Rocky Mountain Escape Rooms challenge together, several wonderful things happen:

  • The group “bonds” in ways no other experience can offer.  You get to know each other better… nothing helps build relationships like working together to solve a common problem.

  • Each member of the group has a contribution to make.  Even the quiet types tend to come out of their shells during an escape room challenge… often to make critical observations that lead directly to the group’s success!

  • Everyone develops their individual leadership and problem-solving skills… and the group as a whole develops teamwork and a common sense of achievement.

  • Whether or not the group “solves” the problem in the allotted time, every member of every group who faces the Rocky Mountain Escape Rooms challenge has an absolute blast doing it!

Give us a call and schedule your escape today.  You and your group will be delighted you did.

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The Camper

Our wildly-popular and flexible mobile escape room, The Camper, is the perfect challenge experience for virtually any group (leisure or corporate).

We’ll bring The Camper to your site, and have it ready to challenge your group in minutes.  At the start of your event, you’ll get an initial briefing, where our staff explains the “back story” – your group is hiking in the woods and you come across this old, interesting-looking camper.  You decide to step inside and check it out. The door locks behind you! And you have only one hour to find and evaluate clues, work together to solve puzzles, and ultimately reach your group’s escape solution.

The challenge presented by The Camper can be adjusted to meet your group’s needs.  Have a group of kids looking for a fun time? Anyone age 10 and up can enjoy The Camper.  Got a problem solving team in your company in need of a rigorous challenge combined with a fun relationship-building experience?  The Camper can bring that, too.

The Asylum

While The Camper provides an old-school, almost “rustic” escape room experience, The Asylum is as technogically-advanced and intellectually-stimulating (challenging) as any escape room you’ll find – anywhere.

In this scenario, your group finds itself locked in an insane asylum.  You have only one hour to find the clues, solve the puzzles, and make your escape!  Along the way, you’ll be briefed via videos, and you’ll interact with The Asylum through various technological features of the room.

Less than a third of the groups who take on The Asylum will be able to escape in the allotted time.  If your group has what it takes, you’ll have ultimate bragging rights!

But even if you don’t complete the solution, we ensure your group has an outstanding experience.  You’ll learn – about advanced problem-solving skills, and about each other. You’ll grow – as a thinker, and as a leader (and as a follower!).  And you’ll have a ton of fun in the process.

And Coming Soon – The Express Room

The masterminds at Rocky Mountain Escape Rooms are busily at work on The Express Room, a fun challenge delivered in an abbreviated time period.  Think the clock’s running fast with an hour to escape? How about 30-45 minutes?

We Come To You!

All Rocky Mountain Escape Rooms are fully mobile.  We bring the escape room experience right to your door!  And all of our challenges can be modified to meet the needs of your group.  You can have a frightfully difficult puzzle to solve, or a wildly fun experience… or both!

Really fun and accommodating experience.
We had a really good time and the puzzles were interesting but not mind numbing…

Liz L.

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