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We’re passionate about the services we provide

At Rocky Mountain Escape Rooms, we pride ourselves in exceptional service.  We work hard to make every group’s experience the most enjoyable – both fun and challenging! – as it can be.

Our customers leave their Rocky Mountain Escape Rooms experience with big grins on their faces, whether or not they’ve “escaped” in the allotted time.  They find our puzzles intriguing, and our thematic rooms thoroughly enjoyable.

That’s why we have dozens of five-star reviews on Google… and why, within a few days (sometimes hours) of a group’s “escape,” our phone starts ringing, and their friends and associates are booking their own Rocky Mountain Escape Rooms experience.

We had [Rocky Mountain Escape Rooms] bring the Mobile Escape Room to the park for our daughter’s 13th birthday.
All the kiddos had a fun time trying to figure out all the clues.
The best thing was the after discussions as some were so close to escaping,
but they did not quite make it.
We had a last group of adults who went into “The Camper” like their life depended on it.
It was something very different and everyone had lots of fun escaping…

Shanu S.

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When It Comes To Fun And Challenge, We BRING IT

Rocky Mountain Escape Rooms offers the Denver area’s fully-mobile escape room experience.  We come to you!

We’ll deliver a fully-loaded escape room challenge right to your location, and have it set up and ready to delight you within minutes.

Your group needn’t waste time traveling to us… we bring the fun to you.

  • Special Occasions – We deliver unique delight to your birthday or wedding celebration, to your family holiday or reunion, or even just for a “night on the town” with friends (right at your location!).  Rocky Mountain Escape Room adventures are particularly popular for “date night” – even a first date! What better way to get to know each other (or build a budding relationship) than to work together against the ticking clock to escape on time?  Whatever your group’s age-range, skill level, or desired degree of challenge, we can dial up just the right escape room experience to leave ‘em grinning.

  • Corporate Team building – In about an hour, on your site, Rocky Mountain Escape Rooms can deliver a teambuilding experience your staff will look forward to… and one they’ll never forget!  The team builds stronger interpersonal relationships and sharper problem-solving skills as they work together to beat the clock and escape. Will they find all the important clues?  Will their analysis identify the right information to help them… will they work together effectively? And, of course: will they have what it takes to make their escape? Less than a third of our groups will make it out of our most difficult challenges on time.  Bragging rights!

Does Your Group Have What It Takes?
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Want To Create Your Own Escape Room?  We Can Help

Our five-star Google reviews from delighted customers show we’ve learned quite a bit about the escape room business here at Rocky Mountain Escape Rooms.

Even our happiest customers have given us feedback along the way, helping us hone our offerings even further.  And we love that. We’re constantly looking for ways to improve our unique mobile escape room services.

Now you can take advantage of our experience and know-how when it’s time for you to create your own escape room… or even to get into the business yourself!

  • Escape Room Consultancy – We can help you design your own escape room experience, for your company’s employees or as a business.  Maybe you have a theme in mind (like the themes represented by our popular escape rooms, The Camper and The Asylum)… we can help you customize your room, and even tailor one of our intriguing puzzles to fit your room and theme.  And our masterminds can help you brainstorm and craft an intriguing theme, too.

  • Franchise Opportunities – Let us help you build your own mobile escape room business, and get you up-and-running in far less time (and with far fewer hassles) than you might expect.  With the franchise model, you take advantage of our deep expertise in the mobile escape room business. We’ve learned a few things – sometimes “the hard way” – and now we can pass those learnings on to you and save you much of the frustration and expense of the learning curve!

We’ve cherished the smiles we’ve put on our customers’ faces… and the powerful experiences we’ve helped them achieve.  We believe in what we do, and we’d love nothing more than to help your firm spread the joy, too!

Very fun! We loved the mobile camper!
Being vulnerable by being locked in a camper on the back of a pickup added to the ambiance.
The staff was very professional and responded very quickly via text!
Would definitely recommend!

Annette B.

Rocky Mountain Escape Rooms