Everyone dreams of escaping their everyday life at some point. Maybe that’s why escape room games have become so popular in recent years. Rocky Mountain Escape Rooms is Littleton, CO’s answer to the growing trend.
People around the world have caught on to the unique challenge that escape games pose. Players are “trapped” in the game space, which is filled with clues that can be pieced together to reveal the way out. However, these clues aren’t always straightforward, requiring the escapees to work through a variety of puzzles and riddles to get the information they need. Revealing the truth and finding freedom requires everyone to work together, not only to discover all the hidden hints, but to solve the problems they pose. By entering an escape room, you can set the outside world aside for an hour and become one of the heroes of an exciting story.

It’s not surprising, then, that so many people have taken to this style of recreation as a great way to challenge their minds and bond with others. Over the course of the game, strangers become friends and friends grow closer. Because of this, whether you’re considering team building activities or date night ideas, an escape room game is a fabulous option. Everyone will leave with a sense of accomplishment if they manage to break free; if not, there will still be stories to tell for years to come. Who knows? You may even be able to swap tales with the many other enthusiasts out there!
Does this sound like the weekend adventure you’ve been hoping for? You, too, can step outside the ordinary and put your puzzle skills to the test. The question is: can you escape? To book a time for the RmE escape room camper to come to your location (within 15 miles of Littleton), call (303) 824-9201. You can also check out their website to get more information and book a game online.