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Rocky Mountain Escape Rooms leads the way in the Denver area with an amazing new twist on a fast-growing trend.  

Escape room experiences are all the rage these days, for everything from a couple’s first date to a corporate team-building exercise… but with Rocky Mountain Escape Rooms’ fully-mobile theme rooms, groups don’t have to travel to the experience.  The experience comes to them!

If you’ve been thinking about getting into this lucrative, rapidly-expanding, and astonishingly fun business – but weren’t sure where to start – give us a call.  Our franchise model helps you get into the industry with a modest investment, and with far less stress and time expenditure than you might think.

Let us help you knock down the barriers to entry!

Benefit From Our Experience And Know-How
Rocky Mountain Escape Rooms: Your Franchise Opportunity

A Proven Concept

Escape rooms are hot now, and the popularity of the concept is growing at an amazing rate.

They’re unique.  They’re intriguing, challenging, fun entertainment for groups of all kinds.  That’s why many groups are turning to escape rooms for challenge and excitement in place of other options, such as theater, dinner parties, party performers, and outdoor adventures.

The group entertainment market still has plenty of room for all these options.  And those entertainment entrepreneurs who get in on the excitement of the escape room concept now will thank themselves down the road!

I highly recommend this escape room, and I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.
You’ll probably be telling your friends afterwards, just like I am now.

Rebecca T., San Francisco, CA

Our Concept Makes Us Attractive…

If you run a mobile escape room business, you can serve a lot more people than you can from a fixed location.  Virtually any location makes a good spot to pull up in your mobile escape room and delight your customers.

When companies don’t have to send their employees off-site for team-building or problem-solving training, they save money and time.  That’s why firms flock to Rocky Mountain Escape Rooms for a rigorous, cost-effective team building experience for their employees.

And imagine the possibilities for serving special occasions, from two people getting to know each other on a first date to a wedding reception where small groups take turns trying to escape your clever high-concept room.

Groups of all kinds will love your business… and you’ll be able to serve them in all kinds of locations.

… And Our Customers Have Made Us Better

We’re proud of the five-star feedback (dozens of reviews) our groups have left for us on Google, Yelp, and elsewhere.  Everyone loves Rocky Mountain Escape Rooms!

And even our most enthusiastic clients have given us great feedback all along the way… feedback we’ve devoured as part of our continuous efforts to learn and improve our business.

You can benefit from all that feedback and improvement, reducing your stress, your time-to-market, your investment, and that all-important learning curve.

We love what we do… and we’d love nothing more than to help you join us in bringing the adventure and excitement of escape rooms to an ever-expanding, hungry market.

Rocky Mountain Escape Rooms
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