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At Rocky Mountain Escape Rooms, we’ve hit on an amazing new way to bring intrigue and fun to groups all over the Denver area.

We’re a fully-mobile escape room company, with complete themed rooms on wheels… escape rooms that come to your group.

When it comes time for a firm to provide their employees with problem-solving training or trust-building team activities, they can get the job done effectively with far less time (and money) when the activity comes to them, rather than sending their teams off site.

And for all kinds of social events, from weddings and birthdays to “Date Night,” our customer groups have found Rocky Mountain Escape Rooms to be the perfect option for something new and different.

But it’s not just our mobility that makes us wildly popular with our customer groups.  We’ve “cracked the code” on devising some of the best puzzles in the business. Intriguing problems for which the challenge can be dialed up or down depending upon the group’s age range, skill level, and desired experience.

And we know how to create a room with a great theme… from our rustic, old-school challenge (The Camper) to our state-of-the-art, high-tech advanced room (The Asylum), groups find our escape rooms always come with a fantastic story they can literally get into.

And now, through our consulting services, whether you’re looking to create an escape room experience for the work teams in your company, or want to start a lucrative small business with an escape room your customers will love, you can benefit from our learning curve by taking advantage of our Escape Room Consultancy services.

We Can Help With Your Escape Room From Design To Delivery
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We’ll help build the entire room…

… from brainstorming a killer theme, to creating the challenges and clues your customers will love, the mastermind consultants at Rocky Mountain Escape Rooms can help you create a great experience for your groups.  Start to finish!

What themes would your groups enjoy most?  What fires your imagination, or inspires you to your most delightful vision?

Or, in the case of a company team-building challenge, how can your escape room be themed to provide an “escape” from the everyday work world, but also hone the problem-solving skills (and relationship skills) your people will need back at their desks?

Give us a call.  We’d love to dream together with you, and help you come up with the perfect escape room experience for your guests.

… Or, customize one of our intriguing puzzles to fit your needs

The challenges we’ve devised for The Camper and The Asylum (as well as the puzzles that will make our upcoming Express Room yet another great industry innovation) help our customer groups hone their thinking and problem solving skills… while intriguing and delighting them and putting a huge grin on every face.

Try to come up with puzzles like these for your escape room, and you may find it’s harder than it looks!

There’s definitely a learning curve on puzzle development, too.

But you’re in luck.  We’ve learned how to devise fantastic puzzles for escape rooms, and we can help you do the same for your room.

In fact, our puzzles can often be customized to fit your room, your theme, or your groups’ specific needs.

Let’s put our heads together and find the shortcut to creating great puzzles for your escape room!

Questions?  Answers are a phone call away!

We love talking about our unique group entertainment business concept.  So give us a call! Let’s imagine together.

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