The Escape Room Experience: “Training” Employees Love

The Hottest – And Most Cost-Effective – Trend In Team Building You know the drill.  Your company announces a “team building” event, and suddenly you feel like you’re trapped in a Scott Adams “Dilbert” cartoon. If only you could escape! Who hasn’t had to travel to some off-site hotel [...]

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Make Your Escape From Boredom!

The Escape Room Experience: Turning Spectators Into Participants Most experts agree that there will always be room in the entertainment market for “cultured spectatorship” – attendance at theaters, cinemas, opera houses, museums, and the like. People will always want to watch (or read) a good story. Then there’s the [...]

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4 Reasons Escape Rooms Make Excellent Team Building Exercises

If you’re looking for a team building activity to foster bonding and collaboration among your staff, don’t go with the same old exercises. An exceptional staff deserves an exceptional experience. Escape rooms are becoming one of the most popular team building activities across the nation. Rocky Mountain Escape Rooms [...]

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3 Reasons Escape Rooms Are Guaranteed Fun

More and more people are catching the escape room fever. Racing the clock to solve puzzle games before time runs out is a fun, fast-paced challenge people can’t help but fall in love with. Rocky Mountain Escape Rooms takes the fun a step further by bringing the escape games [...]

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3 Reasons Escape Rooms Are the Perfect Date Night Idea

When it comes to finding the best date night ideas, you may find yourself struggling to come up with something interesting and fun. That’s where Rocky Mountain Escape Rooms based in Littleton, CO, can help. Their unique and challenging puzzle is the perfect date night activity, whether you’re on [...]

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3 Reasons Why Everyone Should Experience an Escape Room

An escape room provides you with a thrilling and entertaining experience. Locked in a room with your friends or coworkers, you must work together to solve the puzzle and escape the fabricated consequences. Not only is it fun, but it also promotes problem solving skills, teamwork, and creativity. For [...]

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Why You Should Book an Escape Room for Your Next Event

Puzzle games and escape rooms are becoming more and more popular, with good reason.  They are an exciting and challenging way to bring friends together for a birthday, create out-of-the-ordinary weekend plans, or a unique team building experience for work. If you’re interested in an escape room challenge for [...]

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5 Ways to Boost Corporate Team Morale in an Escape Room

Managers know that the path to success depends largely on team morale. When people work well together, their productivity is boosted, and they achieve more effective results. If you recognize that your corporate team could use some motivation, it’s important to focus on communication and collaboration. At Rocky Mountain [...]

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How Colorado’s Top Escape Room Helps With Corporate Team Building

The strength of your business is dependent on having a cohesive, cooperative team in place. To foster a supportive team, you need to get your staff out of the office and into a fresh environment—like an escape room—that tests their problem-solving skills and teaches them how to work together. [...]

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