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You’ve got questions about escape rooms…
… and Rocky Mountain Escape Rooms has the answers

Is this your first time planning an escape room adventure?  Or are you an “old pro,” with questions about the unique concept of the fully-mobile escape room, where we bring the fun and challenge right to your door?

We’ve got answers to your most frequently-asked questions.

And if you’re curious about something not addressed on our website, feel free to pick up the phone and give us a call.  Nothing delights us more than talking about the escape room experience our customers rave about, from their enthusiastic reactions inside the room to the dozens of five-star reviews they’ve given us on Google.

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Generally speaking, what’s an “escape room?”

The escape room experience is intriguing, challenging, and (above all) a lot of fun.  You and your friends (or your co-workers) have to put your heads together and bring each person’s best thinking to bear in finding clues, assessing information, solving puzzles, and making your escape… all before time runs out!  Relationships strengthen… problem solving skills sharpen… communication improves… trust builds… and big grins bust out on everyone’s faces (whether or not the group is ultimately successful).

Typically, an escape room features a theme, such as with our popular challenges (The Camper and The Asylum).  Your experience begins with a back-story briefing (“Your group is hiking in the woods, and you discover this intriguing old camper… you step in to take a look, and the door locks behind you!”).  The timer starts – typically one hour – and clues are revealed as the puzzle unfolds. And at the end, your debriefing reveals all, including anything your group missed during the experience. We hear “I knew it!” a lot.

Can you really bring the escape room to us… anywhere?

Absolutely.  Just about any location will work for a Rocky Mountain Escape Rooms mobile experience.

We’ll bring The Camper or The Asylum right to your home or office… or meet you in a public location of your choice.  We have a lot of fun in parks! Anywhere within a 15-mile radius of our Littleton, Colorado headquarters is a perfect location for Rocky Mountain Escape Rooms.

The escape room concept is the hottest and fastest-growing option for group entertainment or corporate team-building.  It adds a unique experience to an already-memorable special occasion, such as a birthday, wedding, or anniversary celebration… and it’s a powerful way to build your company’s interpersonal relationships and problem solving skills.

Add the unique concept of the mobile escape room, and you really can super-charge your special occasion or team-building event without wasting time traveling to the escape room.  We bring the escape room to you!

It’s True: We Really Do Bring It
Rocky Mountain Escape Rooms

Who can play?

The Rocky Mountain Escape Rooms mobile experience is great for just about any group, either in a social setting or in a corporate team-building environment.

Everyone loves the experience, and our dozens of five-star Google reviews give testimony to that.

  • People who love puzzles, games, or mysteries

  • Fans of “brain teasers,” and games of mental skill (like bridge and chess)

  • Folks who love a challenge

  • Brainiacs… and those who wish they were!

  • Adults of any age

  • Even kids as young as ten love the experience, and get a lot out of it

  • Co-workers looking to build their relationships and problem-solving skills

  • “Date Night” couples and double- (and triple-) daters

  • Even couples on their first date

  • Anniversary and wedding celebrations

  • Birthday and holiday parties

  • Family reunions and other get-togethers

  • “Game Night” fans looking for something new and different

… These are just a few of the types of group who’ve found the Rocky Mountain Escape Rooms experience to be just the right delightful combination of fun and challenge.

We had Rocky Mountain Escape Rooms out for my 11 year old’s birthday.
It was great!
They brought the room out to my house and were set up in minutes.
My kids loved it! Great all the way around!


Is the escape room experience affordable?

You bet.  At about $25-$30 per person, you get a wonderfully-unique and unforgettable experience for less than a lot of other group entertainment (or company team-building) options.

And don’t forget, you save time and money when you don’t have to bring the group to the escape room.  With Rocky Mountain Escape Rooms, the fun comes to you!

How much time does it take?

Typical escape room experiences run about an hour… after an initial briefing, the group has 60 minutes to “escape.”  Not every group does solve the problem within 60 minutes – but the post-exercise debrief brings everything together and puts a smile on every face.  And some groups have managed to crack the case in as little as about 20 minutes!

What can your group accomplish?

And, coming soon, Rocky Mountain Escape Rooms will introduce the Express Room, where your group can enjoy all the fun and intrigue of the escape room experience in a reduced time frame.  But watch out: if you think the clock is ticking pretty fast when you have an hour to escape, imagine what 30 or 45 minutes will feel like!

How large can the group be?

It depends on the specific escape room challenge.  For our extremely-popular room The Camper, groups of up to six can generally have a comfortable experience.  Most escape rooms, like our advanced room The Asylum, can accommodate about ten.

Even two people can have a great time in our escape rooms.  Talk about a fantastic way to spice up “Date Night!”

We’d love to answer your questions!

… Just give us a call!

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