The Escape Room Experience: “Training” Employees Love

The Hottest – And Most Cost-Effective – Trend In Team Building You know the drill.  Your company announces a “team building” event, and suddenly you feel like you’re trapped in a Scott Adams “Dilbert” cartoon. If only you could escape! Who hasn’t had to travel to some off-site hotel [...]

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4 Reasons Escape Rooms Make Excellent Team Building Exercises

If you’re looking for a team building activity to foster bonding and collaboration among your staff, don’t go with the same old exercises. An exceptional staff deserves an exceptional experience. Escape rooms are becoming one of the most popular team building activities across the nation. Rocky Mountain Escape Rooms [...]

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How Colorado’s Top Escape Room Helps With Corporate Team Building

The strength of your business is dependent on having a cohesive, cooperative team in place. To foster a supportive team, you need to get your staff out of the office and into a fresh environment—like an escape room—that tests their problem-solving skills and teaches them how to work together. [...]

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Explore Thrilling Team Building Activities From Escape Games

It’s well known that the team that works well together, thrives together. Many companies use team building activities to bring co-workers closer, cultivating both strong working relationships and collaboration skills. At Rocky Mountain Escape Rooms, they believe team building activities work even better when they’re infused with a little [...]

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