Why Escape Rooms Are a Great Entertainment Idea for the Entire Family

It can be difficult to come up with entertainment ideas everyone will enjoy. But no matter their age, each member of your family will love visiting an escape room, which challenges your creativity and encourages teamwork. If you want to set the stage for bonding time and create an experience to remember, you can’t go wrong with this family-friendly activity. Read on for three benefits of visiting an escape room.

Need a New Entertainment Idea? Why You Should Visit an Escape Room

1. They’re Fun

An escape room challenges your group to solve puzzles and piece together clues to break free from your confines. This new and exciting activity is popular because it encourages members of a group to work together while adding the thrill of racing the clock. Each adventure is different and presents a creative scenario, so there is truly something for everyone to enjoy.

2. Your Kids Will Learn Important Skills

Solving the mystery that leads to your freedom requires strong powers of deduction and communication. While working together as a family, your children will learn to evaluate new situations, brainstorm solutions, and convey their ideas clearly and calmly. These skills not only help with the task at hand, but they also are important assets needed to be successful in life. 

3. Your Family Will Develop Trust

It’s important for your family to know they can rely on each other in stressful times. An escape room provides the opportunity to learn to appreciate each other’s strengths and overcome weaknesses. While you’re having a good time, you’re also building a solid foundation of trust, which is an invaluable quality.


Coming up with entertainment ideas that please everyone is always a challenge, but an escape room offers a great solution. If you’re looking for things to do in the Denver Metro area, visit Rocky Mountain Escape Rooms to bond with your family, build trust, and have some fun. To learn more about their adventures, call (303) 824-9201.

Spice Up Your Date Night Ideas With Rocky Mountain Escape Rooms

Are you getting bored of your usual date spots? It’s time to come up with some fresh date night ideas to spice things up, and Rocky Mountain Escape Rooms is the perfect place to start. They host thrilling escape games in Littleton and Denver, CO, that make for perfect date night ideas. 
An escape room will help you break free of your usual date night ideas. At Rocky Mountain Escape Rooms, you’ll play a fun and challenging clue game to try to break out of an escape room in a set period of time. Unlike passive date night ideas, like dinner and a movie, an escape room date is active—you and your date will engage in team building activities, learn communication, and cooperate to find clues and escape the room.

Rocky Mountain Escape Rooms is also high on the list of Colorado’s best group date night ideas. Grab a few couples and split into teams (such as men vs. women) to see who can escape the fastest. You’ll be reminiscing about the unforgettable experience for years to come.
Rocky Mountain Escape Rooms brings the clue game to you. They’ve converted traditional campers into action-packed puzzle games. It’s one of the best things to do on dates, at parties, or as corporate team-building activities.
It’s time to refresh your date night ideas with the adrenaline-pumping puzzle games from Rocky Mountain Escape Rooms. Can you escape? Prove it—call (303) 824-9201 or visit the website to book an escape game experience in Denver today. You can also like them on Facebook for the latest news and updates.

Explore Thrilling Team Building Activities From Escape Games

It’s well known that the team that works well together, thrives together. Many companies use team building activities to bring co-workers closer, cultivating both strong working relationships and collaboration skills. At Rocky Mountain Escape Rooms, they believe team building activities work even better when they’re infused with a little fun and excitement.
Their unique escape games help foster teamwork for groups throughout the Denver area with engaging puzzles and thrilling first-person gameplay. It’s an unforgettable bonding experience sure to bring your group together, for a happier, more effective workplace.
Escape games make great team building activities because they allow people to work together. Because they require a diverse range of skills, these puzzle games can only be solved with a group effort. United in a common goal, caught in the same situation, your team will come together to make their escape. You’ll cultivate skills for effective communication and collaboration as you put your brains together to search for clues, solve puzzles, and escape the room!

Escape games also offer a valuable opportunity for your team to learn more about each other. You’ll discover your co-workers have skills you never suspected and develop a deeper understanding of how you can use your combined strengths to greatest effect. Because you’re in a lighthearted environment, outside the pressures of the workplace, your team will be more open to seeing each other in a new light.
Escape games also offer a thrilling adrenaline rush that can’t be matched by other team building activities. Solving the puzzle and making your escape offers the excitement of group success, bonding your team together over their triumph.
Because escape games are uniquely memorable, the shared experience will continue to draw your team together for a long time to come. To schedule an escape room experience for you and your co-workers, call Rocky Mountain Escape Rooms at (303) 824-9201 today. For more information on escape games in the Denver area, visit their website.

Escape the Room! Why Escape Games Are So Popular

Escape rooms are an increasingly-popular game trend that involves being locked in a furnished room with at least one other person and solving puzzles to escape before time runs out. Escape games are available through Rocky Mountain Escape Rooms, which requires participants to solve time-sensitive puzzles so they may escape the camper they are locked in.
The mobile escape room company based out of Littleton, CO, combines thrills with problem-solving skills to provide entertainment for participants of all ages. Let’s take a quick look at why escape rooms make such versatile entertainment ideas:
• Team-Building Activity: Help employees learn to work better together with mobile entertainment challenges through Rocky Mountain Escape Rooms. Escape games require commitment and teamwork to ensure puzzles are solved within the 60-minute time frame.
• Date Night Idea: Stray from the standard date night breakdown by being locked in an escape room. Whether meeting for the first or 50th time, an escape room game allows you to enjoy an unorthodox evening together that’s full of excitement.

• Family Bonding Time: Enjoy a night of bonding with the family when you opt for escape room fun. Escape games are especially helpful if teen siblings are not getting along, as it encourages them to overcome their issues and work together.
• Birthday Party: Throw an incredible birthday shindig by locking guests in an escape room and seeing which team can escape the quickest. An escape room birthday party is one participants will not soon forget.
• Graduation Fun: Celebrate the achievements of your favorite graduate in an unusual way when you book an escape room game. Escape games are far cries from standard graduation barbecues!
Rocky Mountain Escape Rooms offers a special take on the concept thanks to the mobile component, which allows the game to be played anywhere the camper is parked. Learn more about escape games available through Rocky Mountain Escape Rooms by calling (303) 824-9201 or visiting the website today.

Escape Room Games: The Entertainment Trend You Don’t Want to Miss

Everyone dreams of escaping their everyday life at some point. Maybe that’s why escape room games have become so popular in recent years. Rocky Mountain Escape Rooms is Littleton, CO’s answer to the growing trend.
People around the world have caught on to the unique challenge that escape games pose. Players are “trapped” in the game space, which is filled with clues that can be pieced together to reveal the way out. However, these clues aren’t always straightforward, requiring the escapees to work through a variety of puzzles and riddles to get the information they need. Revealing the truth and finding freedom requires everyone to work together, not only to discover all the hidden hints, but to solve the problems they pose. By entering an escape room, you can set the outside world aside for an hour and become one of the heroes of an exciting story.

It’s not surprising, then, that so many people have taken to this style of recreation as a great way to challenge their minds and bond with others. Over the course of the game, strangers become friends and friends grow closer. Because of this, whether you’re considering team building activities or date night ideas, an escape room game is a fabulous option. Everyone will leave with a sense of accomplishment if they manage to break free; if not, there will still be stories to tell for years to come. Who knows? You may even be able to swap tales with the many other enthusiasts out there!
Does this sound like the weekend adventure you’ve been hoping for? You, too, can step outside the ordinary and put your puzzle skills to the test. The question is: can you escape? To book a time for the RmE escape room camper to come to your location (within 15 miles of Littleton), call (303) 824-9201. You can also check out their website to get more information and book a game online.

5 Tips for Success in Escape Games

Escape games often involve a small team challenge where participants search for clues and solve puzzles to “escape” a room within a time limit.. Rocky Mountain Escape Rooms, based out of Littleton, CO, is a mobile concept, involving a camper as the “room” that players must escape. If you’re located within 15 miles of Littleton, the game can come to you!
Escape games are challenging but entertaining, especially when your team wins! Here are some tips for escape room puzzle success:
• Be Observant: Clues aren’t easy to find right away, so take in your surroundings and be aware of the smaller details.

• Work Together: Escape games are a fun team challenge, designed to get a group to collaborate to solve the puzzles and escape the room. Communicate with each other for the best chance of success.
• Be Aware Of Time: Since there is a limited amount of time to work out the challenge, keep track of how much time is remaining. Most escape rooms have a one-hour time limit.
• Keep Your Cool: You may find that your ability to stay focused dwindles as the clock runs out. Try to maintain your composure and keep a clear mind for your team.
• Understand The Challenge May Not Be Solvable: There’s no shame in not solving the puzzle. In fact, many people are unable to solve the riddle and escape the room (don’t worry—they still let you out!).
If you’re looking for team building activities to do with colleagues or friends, consider reserving a time with Rocky Mountain Escape Rooms. You’ll not only work together to unlock your room, but you’ll unlock a lot of fun and collaboration. Learn more about Rocky Mountain Escape Rooms’ escape games by calling (303) 824-9201 or by visiting their website to reserve your experience

5 Lessons Escape Games Can Learn From Horror Movies

Escape room games are the latest craze to take over the experiential entertainment world. If you’re looking for fun things to do in Littleton, CO, book an escape room with Rocky Mountain Escape Rooms. This team building activity is like a mobile murder mystery movie, requiring players to catch the clues and escape the room. Although solving the clues during an escape game is more fun and interactive than catching the latest thriller, there are a few things that escape games can learn from horror movies.
5 Lessons Escape Games Can Learn From Horror Movies
1. Set The Scene
In the first few minutes of the game, make sure that players know the character you want them to take on. Are they detectives on a crime scene? Are they unsuspecting campers hiking through the wild? Establish a base storyline, before throwing in the twists and turns. This is similar to the first five minutes of a horror film— you want the audience to have a grasp of what’s going on before introducing confusion.
2. Hook The Players With A Surprise
Now that your players are situated in your escape room world, thrill them with a shock or plot twist! Introduce a new villain, riddle, or challenge that no one was expecting. This trick is a hallmark of great horror films.
3. Introduce New Threats As The Story Unfolds

The “escapees” need time to process the information hidden in each puzzle before being bombarded by plot changes or scares. Carefully plan out when and where to throw in the surprises. Many great thrillers employ this tool to ensure that the next scare comes as a complete shock.
4. Remind Players Of The Overarching Threat
During an escape room game, players will be required to focus and concentrate on each puzzle. While this is great for improving players’ power of deduction, it may allow them to forget the greater narrative and think outside of the box. Reminding your audience of the villain at large is a standard storytelling trick that movies use to keep their viewers committed to the resolution.
5. End With A Twist
A great movie always ends with a memorable scene. Whether it’s dark, mysterious, or celebratory, the last chapter in the game will influence how the players feel about their win or loss. It sets the tone for the entire experience and should be planned carefully.
Rocky Mountain Escape Rooms is perfect for date night, team building, and birthday parties. Call them at (303) 824-9201 to learn more or take a look at their website today. You can also like them on Facebook to keep up with the latest news and updates.

3 Reasons to Try the Latest Entertainment Trend: Escape Rooms

Whether you are in charge of planning the next team building activity at work, or you want to spend some quality time with that special someone, there is one exciting new activity that is sure to interest everyone in your group: escape rooms. Although the name might sound intimidating, escape rooms are designed to challenge the participants to discover clues and work together.
To bring the fun of escape rooms to people all over Colorado, Rocky Mountain Escape Rooms has their room set up in a portable camper, and will bring the experience to anyone within a 15-mile radius of Littleton. Today, the owners of this exciting business explain three reasons you should give escape rooms a try:
1. Challenging & Interesting
One of the best things about escape rooms is that they are designed to offer a wide range of puzzles that will challenge every member of your party. Escape rooms typically take up to an hour for your party to figure out, creating a fun, interesting atmosphere for everyone.
2. Great For Groups

In addition to creating a completely unique experience for every group, escape rooms also encourage interaction, prompting people to get off of their phones and enjoy time together. Rocky Mountain Escape Rooms hold up to five adults, making it the perfect adventure for a double date or a group of employees.  
3. Create Memories With Friends
When your family, friends, or employees have to work together to solve a common puzzle, they have the chance to create great memories that they will treasure forever. Unlike other activities, which only last a few minutes, escape rooms give people the opportunity to truly immerse themselves in an experience.
Surprise your friends and family the next time you get together by booking a session with Rocky Mountain Escape Rooms. With an eye for detail and puzzles designed to challenge even the most inquisitive person in your group, they will give your friends something to talk about for years. To learn more, contact Rocky Mountain Escape Rooms in Littleton, CO, by calling (303) 824-9201 or by visiting them online. 

3 Reasons Team-Building Activities Are Important

Team building is a popular strategy companies use to bring their employees together and promote collaboration. It aims to enhance communication, problem-solving skills, and conflict resolution through fun and creative activities.
If you’re looking for a fantastic team-building experience for your employees, Rocky Mountain Escape Rooms in Littleton, CO, offers mobile entertainment challenges designed to bring people closer together. Here’s how solving clues and puzzle games to unlock different levels and proceed to the next challenge will benefit your staff.
3 Ways Team-Building Activities Benefit Workplaces
1. Improve Communication
Communication is one of the most important factors of any successful team. It is also the backbone of any good business. If your company has poor workplace communication, it’s time to consider team building. Fun activities facilitate engagement, discussion, and open communication among participants. Team building creates a certain kind of bond that encourages employees to express their ideas and opinions. By helping staff members become more comfortable engaging with one another, you’ll improve office relationships.
2. Increase Performance

Team-building activities have been proven to have measurable, positive effects on a company’s performance. Not only will employees have to think differently to complete a team-building activity that’s new to them, but team building also encourages healthy competition that requires coworkers to think together and strategically to solve problems. This will promote cohesiveness and build trust, which are huge factors when it comes to improving team performance.
3. Tap Into Hidden Potential
Team building will encourage employees to go outside their comfort zone, motivating them to perform at their best individually and as team players. This gives management the chance to tap into or unlock hidden potential that may lead to a more successful workplace. It may even motivate employees to bring their job productivity to the next level.
Think your staff could benefit from team-building activities? Rocky Mountain Escape Rooms has fun and exciting activities that’ll have a positive impact on the productivity of your employees. Call them at (303) 824-9201 or visit their website to learn more.

3 Reasons to Use Escape Rooms at Your Next Event

Imagine—you and your closest friends are hiking through the woods when you stumble upon an abandoned camper. It piques your curiosity, so you walk a bit closer and find the door unlocked. You step inside. The space is clean and empty, except for an open bag of trail mix sitting on the counter. Suddenly, there’s a click, and the door locks behind you. You’re trapped!
No, this is not the beginning of a scary movie. It’s all part of Littleton, CO’s Rocky Mountain Escape Rooms—a series of fun mobile clue games designed to challenge your problem-solving skills. Can you escape?
These mobile campers are designed to hold five people, and each contains a unique set of clues. To beat the challenge, your team must solve a series of puzzles within 60 minutes. Sound like a fun thing to do? It is!
Here are three advantages to using an escape room at your next party or gathering:
• Engaging Team-Building Activity: To “win” the game, you and your teammates must work together, using clues inside the trailer to solve a series of puzzles. This is no time for casual conversations—you only have 60 minutes! Escape rooms raise the stakes, so you can forget formal etiquette and social inhibitions to contribute ideas and utilize problem-solving skills.
• Unique Birthday Party: Pool parties, bowling games, backyard BBQs—when it comes to planning birthday parties, you’ve done it all. This year, make your child’s birthday one to remember. Puzzle games are designed for people of all ages, and this is a unique activity that allows kids to use their imagination. Save the cake and ice cream for later—it’s time to figure out an escape plan! 

• Thrilling Date Night: Heading out for dinner and a movie? If your normal date night activities are getting a little old, it’s time to try something different. Pair up with another couple and challenge your problem-solving skills in an escape room. It’s fun, exciting, and an excellent way to learn more about your significant other. Although the game is over in an hour, you’ll be talking about this date night for weeks.
When you’re ready to raise the event-planning bar, contact Rocky Mountain Escape Rooms to book a camper for your next party, date, or team-building exercise. Call (303) 824-9201, visit the website for more information, or visit the Facebook page to hear from satisfied customers

How Colorado's Top Escape Room Helps With Corporate Team Building

The strength of your business is dependent on having a cohesive, cooperative team in place. To foster a supportive team, you need to get your staff out of the office and into a fresh environment—like an escape room—that tests their problem-solving skills and teaches them how to work together.
Rocky Mountain Escape Rooms is here to explain how their puzzle games will help your business with team building. Known as one of the most fun things to do in Littleton, CO, they bring challenging and entertaining escape games to the area. 
Here are three ways Rocky Mountain Escape Rooms will help strengthen your team:
• Improved Communication: One of the main goals of corporate team building is improved communication. To conquer an escape room, your staff will need to share clues with each other and listen to creative ideas to develop a strategy for victory. They’ll learn the importance of speaking up when they have inspiration and listening to the ideas of everyone on the team.

• Think Outside the Box: Getting out of an escape room isn’t easy—participants will have to think outside the box to find their way out. Your team will take this innovative thinking back to the office, where they will work together to reach business goals creatively. 
• Sense of Achievement: Nothing brings a team closer together quite like a shared sense of achievement. When your staff finally figures out how to leave the escape room, there will be countless high fives and congratulations shared. They’ll return to the office with a greater sense of togetherness and support. 
For a creative corporate team building activity in Littleton, look no further than Rocky Mountain Escape Rooms. To learn more about the puzzle games in Colorado, call (303) 824-9201. You can also like them on Facebook for the latest news and updates.

5 Ways to Boost Corporate Team Morale in an Escape Room

Managers know that the path to success depends largely on team morale. When people work well together, their productivity is boosted, and they achieve more effective results. If you recognize that your corporate team could use some motivation, it’s important to focus on communication and collaboration. At Rocky Mountain Escape Rooms in Littleton, CO, professionals have a chance to bond in an escape room while playing tricky clue and puzzle games.
It’s this combination of levity and teamwork that leads to great results in the workplace, and that’s something all leaders appreciate. Here are five benefits of hosting team-building activities in an escape room setting:
• Communication: Just as it can be difficult to solve a clue game on your own, it’s also challenging to complete a work project without constant communication with your fellow employees. Escape room scenarios encourage constant back-and-forth with teammates, whether it’s exchanging clues or figuring out the best way to escape together.
• Leadership: Most groups have at least one or two “leaders” who the others turn to for guidance and support. That role is especially necessary in an escape room, when everyone works together to reach a mutual goal. Establishing that sort of trust is equally helpful in the workplace, where developing helpful bonds makes it easier to deal with professional conflicts.

• Creativity: There’s no room for simplicity in a complex escape room. By creatively strategizing and developing unique ideas that can help lead everyone out, you’ll flex your mental muscles to the limit. That’s an especially valuable trait to bring to the workplace, where unparalleled ideas can lead to impressive results.
• Teamwork: Nothing truly builds corporate team morale better than working together to reach a common goal. Working with and listening to one another shows your ability to share the workload, rely on others, and trust that your teammates will help get the job done.
• Achievement: Can you escape? Oh, yes, you can—thanks in large part to your ability to work so well with your group. It’s no small feat to tackle a tricky clue game, but it’s a well-deserved success that you can take great pride in with your fellow teammates.
While there are many different types of team-building activities, few are as entertaining as partaking in escape games with colleagues. It really helps to see coworkers in a different setting—and often, that is all that’s needed to see a change in the workplace. Visit the Rocky Mountain Escape Rooms website to learn more about this exciting activity, or call (303) 824-9201.

Why You Should Book an Escape Room for Your Next Event

Puzzle games and escape rooms are becoming more and more popular, with good reason.  They are an exciting and challenging way to bring friends together for a birthday, create out-of-the-ordinary weekend plans, or a unique team building experience for work. If you’re interested in an escape room challenge for your next team building night or weekend out, the team from Rocky Mountain Escape Rooms in Littleton, CO, is here to tell you a bit more about why it makes for a fun time full of teamwork.
An escape room requires teams to solve a series of riddles and puzzles in an hour or less to accomplish a specific goal and escape the room. While there’s obviously no danger of actually being locked into the room, it creates a sense of urgency and requires people to use their critical thinking skills and work together.

Rocky Mountain Escape Rooms mixes it up a bit and brings the escape room to you. Their mobile escape room trailer is designed for teams of five to take on a challenge anywhere within a 15-mile radius of Littleton.
If your office or business in the Denver area needs a different kind of team building experience, look no further than Rocky Mountain Escape Rooms. Team bonding is crucial for office morale and building a team that works together, but finding an activity that doesn’t feel cliched or corny can be a challenge.
Escape rooms are designed to truly engage the brain, use your analytical skills, and bring together whatever group finds themselves in the room together. Birthdays or bachelorette parties are also the perfect time to try out an escape game. If the usual bar crawl or night of dancing is getting old, give your friends a challenge that none of you will forget.
When you’re ready to book an escape room for your next event, call the crew from Rocky Mountain Escape Rooms. Visit their website to learn more about their mobile escape or call (303) 824-9201 to make your reservation.

3 Reasons Why Everyone Should Experience an Escape Room

An escape room provides you with a thrilling and entertaining experience. Locked in a room with your friends or coworkers, you must work together to solve the puzzle and escape the fabricated consequences. Not only is it fun, but it also promotes problem solving skills, teamwork, and creativity. For those in the Littleton, CO, area, Rocky Mountain Escape Rooms is a favorite among locals.
Problem Solving
Face your fears and feel the pressure in a controlled and fun way. An escape room will present you with a variety of problems that you and your team must solve before time runs out. The added pressure helps encourage your quick critical thinking skills, as well as your capabilities of performing under stress. All of these elements are helpful in problem solving.

The point of an escape room is to work with your friends or coworkers to figure out the puzzles keeping you locked up. Escape is only possible when everyone works together. Too much arguing and pride can waste time and inhibit you from opening your mind. Thus, teamwork plays a vital role in the event. Learn to work together, listen to one another, and arrive at a solution that wasn't possible alone.
The answers to a puzzle often require a creative mind or a think-out-of-the-box approach. They encourage multiple different ways of thinking and inspire a process that is unusual, but effective. An escape room helps foster creativity in an original and clever way. This can help in both your personal and business life.
For team building activities, an original date night idea, or if you're simply looking for fun things to do, check out an escape room. Rocky Mountain Escape Rooms is located in a number of areas in Colorado, including Littleton, Park Meadows, Highlands Ranch, Lone Tree, Englewood, and Rino. For more information, visit their website or call (303) 824-9201 today.

3 Reasons Escape Rooms Are the Perfect Date Night Idea

When it comes to finding the best date night ideas, you may find yourself struggling to come up with something interesting and fun. That’s where Rocky Mountain Escape Rooms based in Littleton, CO, can help. Their unique and challenging puzzle is the perfect date night activity, whether you’re on your first date or looking to change up your regular date night.
Here are a few reasons you should book your next date with Rocky Mountain Escape Rooms:
• It’s Interactive: Movies are fun, but you don’t get to interact with your date while you’re watching the film. When you book a session in an escape room, you and your date will get to work together to solve the puzzle and escape the room. You probably won’t win if you don’t communicate with each other.

• Eliminates the Awkward Silences: How many times have you gone on a date only to fall into several awkward silences with no clear topics for conversation? Well, at Rocky Mountain Escape Rooms, you’ll be working together to solve the puzzle. That means you’re guaranteed an hour with no awkward silences and no mindlessly searching for conversation topics, making it one of the best date night ideas around, especially for a new couple.
• It’s Just Plain Fun: it’s easy to get stuck in the date-night rut and something that should feel like a fun night out can quickly turn into a lackluster experience. Remember, the more unique your date is, the more memorable the night will be. This makes it a perfect first outing, especially if you’re looking to make an impression. Best of all, you’ll have something to talk about afterward, should you decide to grab a cup of coffee together. If you’re feeling worried, why not grab another couple and tackle the puzzle together. When it comes to escape rooms, the more the merrier.
Don’t settle for run-of-the-mill date night ideas. Reserve your spot at Rocky Mountain Escape Rooms today. Visit their website to learn more about the experience and call (303) 824-9201 to make a reservation.

3 Reasons Escape Rooms Are Guaranteed Fun

More and more people are catching the escape room fever. Racing the clock to solve puzzle games before time runs out is a fun, fast-paced challenge people can’t help but fall in love with. Rocky Mountain Escape Rooms takes the fun a step further by bringing the escape games right to your doorstep.
They’ve been invited to countless parties and gatherings throughout Colorado, and it doesn’t take long to figure out why people keep calling them back for more. Here are a few reasons why adults and youth love escape rooms:
Group Entertainment
One of the biggest challenges of an escape room is being able to work with others in your group. It tests your teamwork, and it also gives you, your friends, and your family the chance to do something together. When your other options for fun things to do include sitting around a table talking or watching a movie, an escape room is an entertainment idea that keeps everyone involved.

4 Reasons Escape Rooms Make Excellent Team Building Exercises.

If you’re looking for a team building activity to foster bonding and collaboration among your staff, don’t go with the same old exercises. An exceptional staff deserves an exceptional experience. Escape rooms are becoming one of the most popular team building activities across the nation.
Rocky Mountain Escape Rooms in Denver, CO, provides unique, exciting experiences for groups large and small. Their staff gives four reasons escape rooms make excellent team building opportunities. 
Why Escape Rooms Are Great for Team Building
1. Problem Solving
Every group has its ups and downs. Those that can handle both are most likely to succeed. During the escape game, your team will have to work through puzzles, riddles, and other challenges. Through these tasks, they’ll develop the skills to think quickly and solve problems in a results-oriented way. 
2. Collaboration

Collaboration is crucial in escape games. Everyone’s ideas and skills will be utilized. As your team works together to solve problems, they’ll learn more about one another’s strengths and weaknesses. They’ll also come to appreciate one another and the value of cooperation. 
3. Bonding
By participating in the challenge together, your staff will gain a greater sense of unity. By helping one another with problems, they’ll also reaffirm their loyalty to the team and the success of your organization. Also, outside work activities help people form more friends in the workplace, which contributes to employee satisfaction and productivity. 
4. Time Management
To succeed, the team will have to escape the room in time. That means everyone has to work quickly and efficiently to solve problems and complete tasks. If they’re not accustomed to working under a deadline, this can help them recognize all they can accomplish when they put their nose to the grindstone. 
If you’re ready to treat your team to an incredible escape room experience, contact Rocky Mountain Escape Rooms today. For your convenience, they provide mobile escape rooms to businesses throughout the Denver Metro area. Call (303) 824-9201 or go online to book a room today.