Escape games often involve a small team challenge where participants search for clues and solve puzzles to “escape” a room within a time limit.. Rocky Mountain Escape Rooms, based out of Littleton, CO, is a mobile concept, involving a camper as the “room” that players must escape. If you’re located within 15 miles of Littleton, the game can come to you!

Escape games are challenging but entertaining, especially when your team wins! Here are some tips for escape room puzzle success:

  • Be Observant
    Clues aren’t easy to find right away, so take in your surroundings and be aware of the smaller details.

  • Work Together
    Escape games are a fun team challenge, designed to get a group to collaborate to solve the puzzles and escape the room. Communicate with each other for the best chance of success.

  • Be Aware Of Time
    Since there is a limited amount of time to work out the challenge, keep track of how much time is remaining. Most escape rooms have a one-hour time limit.

  • Keep Your Cool
    You may find that your ability to stay focused dwindles as the clock runs out. Try to maintain your composure and keep a clear mind for your team.

  • Understand The Challenge May Not Be Solvable
    There’s no shame in not solving the puzzle. In fact, many people are unable to solve the riddle and escape the room (don’t worry—they still let you out!).

    If you’re looking for team building activities to do with colleagues or friends, consider reserving a time with Rocky Mountain Escape Rooms. You’ll not only work together to unlock your room, but you’ll unlock a lot of fun and collaboration. Learn more about Rocky Mountain Escape Rooms’ escape games by calling (303) 824-9201 or by visiting their website to reserve your experience