Escape room games are the latest craze to take over the experiential entertainment world. If you’re looking for fun things to do in Littleton, CO, book an escape room with Rocky Mountain Escape Rooms. This team building activity is like a mobile murder mystery movie, requiring players to catch the clues and escape the room. Although solving the clues during an escape game is more fun and interactive than catching the latest thriller, there are a few things that escape games can learn from horror movies.

5 Lessons Escape Games Can Learn From Horror Movies:

  • Set The Scene
    In the first few minutes of the game, make sure that players know the character you want them to take on. Are they detectives on a crime scene? Are they unsuspecting campers hiking through the wild? Establish a base storyline, before throwing in the twists and turns. This is similar to the first five minutes of a horror film— you want the audience to have a grasp of what’s going on before introducing confusion.

  • Hook The Players With A Surprise
    Now that your players are situated in your escape room world, thrill them with a shock or plot twist! Introduce a new villain, riddle, or challenge that no one was expecting. This trick is a hallmark of great horror films.

  • Introduce New Threats As The Story Unfolds
    The “escapees” need time to process the information hidden in each puzzle before being bombarded by plot changes or scares. Carefully plan out when and where to throw in the surprises. Many great thrillers employ this tool to ensure that the next scare comes as a complete shock.

  • Remind Players Of The Overarching Threat
    During an escape room game, players will be required to focus and concentrate on each puzzle. While this is great for improving players’ power of deduction, it may allow them to forget the greater narrative and think outside of the box. Reminding your audience of the villain at large is a standard storytelling trick that movies use to keep their viewers committed to the resolution.

  • End With A Twist
    A great movie always ends with a memorable scene. Whether it’s dark, mysterious, or celebratory, the last chapter in the game will influence how the players feel about their win or loss. It sets the tone for the entire experience and should be planned carefully.
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