An escape room provides you with a thrilling and entertaining experience. Locked in a room with your friends or coworkers, you must work together to solve the puzzle and escape the fabricated consequences. Not only is it fun, but it also promotes problem solving skills, teamwork, and creativity. For those in the Littleton, CO, area, Rocky Mountain Escape Rooms is a favorite among locals.

Problem Solving

Face your fears and feel the pressure in a controlled and fun way. An escape room will present you with a variety of problems that you and your team must solve before time runs out. The added pressure helps encourage your quick critical thinking skills, as well as your capabilities of performing under stress. All of these elements are helpful in problem solving.


The point of an escape room is to work with your friends or coworkers to figure out the puzzles keeping you locked up. Escape is only possible when everyone works together. Too much arguing and pride can waste time and inhibit you from opening your mind. Thus, teamwork plays a vital role in the event. Learn to work together, listen to one another, and arrive at a solution that wasn’t possible alone.


The answers to a puzzle often require a creative mind or a think-out-of-the-box approach. They encourage multiple different ways of thinking and inspire a process that is unusual, but effective. An escape room helps foster creativity in an original and clever way. This can help in both your personal and business life.
For team building activities, an original date night idea, or if you’re simply looking for fun things to do, check out an escape room. Rocky Mountain Escape Rooms is located in a number of areas in Colorado, including Littleton, Park Meadows, Highlands Ranch, Lone Tree, Englewood, and Rino. For more information, visit their website or call (303) 824-9201 today.