Imagine—you and your closest friends are hiking through the woods when you stumble upon an abandoned camper. It piques your curiosity, so you walk a bit closer and find the door unlocked. You step inside. The space is clean and empty, except for an open bag of trail mix sitting on the counter. Suddenly, there’s a click, and the door locks behind you. You’re trapped!

No, this is not the beginning of a scary movie. It’s all part of Littleton, CO’s Rocky Mountain Escape Rooms—a series of fun mobile clue games designed to challenge your problem-solving skills. Can you escape?

These mobile campers are designed to hold five people, and each contains a unique set of clues. To beat the challenge, your team must solve a series of puzzles within 60 minutes. Sound like a fun thing to do? It is!

Here are three advantages to using an escape room at your next party or gathering:

  • Engaging Team-Building Activity
    To “win” the game, you and your teammates must work together, using clues inside the trailer to solve a series of puzzles. This is no time for casual conversations—you only have 60 minutes! Escape rooms raise the stakes, so you can forget formal etiquette and social inhibitions to contribute ideas and utilize problem-solving skills.

  • Unique Birthday Party
    Pool parties, bowling games, backyard BBQs—when it comes to planning birthday parties, you’ve done it all. This year, make your child’s birthday one to remember. Puzzle games are designed for people of all ages, and this is a unique activity that allows kids to use their imagination. Save the cake and ice cream for later—it’s time to figure out an escape plan!

  • Thrilling Date Night
    Heading out for dinner and a movie? If your normal date night activities are getting a little old, it’s time to try something different. Pair up with another couple and challenge your problem-solving skills in an escape room. It’s fun, exciting, and an excellent way to learn more about your significant other. Although the game is over in an hour, you’ll be talking about this date night for weeks.
    When you’re ready to raise the event-planning bar, contact Rocky Mountain Escape Rooms to book a camper for your next party, date, or team-building exercise. Call (303) 824-9201, visit the website for more information, or visit the Facebook page to hear from satisfied customers