Whether you are in charge of planning the next team building activity at work, or you want to spend some quality time with that special someone, there is one exciting new activity that is sure to interest everyone in your group: escape rooms. Although the name might sound intimidating, escape rooms are designed to challenge the participants to discover clues and work together.

To bring the fun of escape rooms to people all over Colorado, Rocky Mountain Escape Rooms has their room set up in a portable camper, and will bring the experience to anyone within a 15-mile radius of Littleton. Today, the owners of this exciting business explain three reasons you should give escape rooms a try:

  • Challenging & Interesting
    One of the best things about escape rooms is that they are designed to offer a wide range of puzzles that will challenge every member of your party. Escape rooms typically take up to an hour for your party to figure out, creating a fun, interesting atmosphere for everyone.

  • Great For Groups
    In addition to creating a completely unique experience for every group, escape rooms also encourage interaction, prompting people to get off of their phones and enjoy time together. Rocky Mountain Escape Rooms hold up to five adults, making it the perfect adventure for a double date or a group of employees.

  • Create Memories With Friends
    When your family, friends, or employees have to work together to solve a common puzzle, they have the chance to create great memories that they will treasure forever. Unlike other activities, which only last a few minutes, escape rooms give people the opportunity to truly immerse themselves in an experience.

    Surprise your friends and family the next time you get together by booking a session with Rocky Mountain Escape Rooms. With an eye for detail and puzzles designed to challenge even the most inquisitive person in your group, they will give your friends something to talk about for years. To learn more, contact Rocky Mountain Escape Rooms in Littleton, CO, by calling 303‑824‑9201 or by visiting them online.