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Denver’s BEST Escape Room Experience…
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Looking for the mobile escape room that delivers fun and excitement (and a superbly-challenging group experience) right to your door?

You’ve found it.

Whether it’s a fun team-building experience your firm’s clever problem-solvers will look forward to… or a unique adventure to spice up any special occasion… or just a fun outing with a group of friends… Rocky Mountain Escape Rooms could be just the ticket.

And there’s no need to stress over traffic, parking, or travel time… our unique escape room experience is fully mobile.  We come to you! And we know just how to give your group the kind of fun, challenging experience they’ll remember for years to come.

We’re Rocky Mountain Escape Rooms – Denver’s mobile escape room masters.

The Escape Room Experience: A Unique BLAST For Your Group

You could take the group to a restaurant for a meal.  You could hire a clown or balloon-animal performer for your birthday party.  You could go to the movies, take a carriage ride, or hire a trainer to provide your staff with the standard “team building” exercises.

Or… you could give your group something really special and unique.  A fantastic hour of fun and challenge for a group of up to ten people.  An experience they’ll love… and never forget!

Imagine “trapping” your group in a room with an entertaining, interesting theme… giving them the “story” behind the puzzle… and challenging them…

  • … to work together, getting the best out of each clever brain

  • … to find and evaluate the hidden clues

  • … to solve the puzzle as it unfolds

  • … and to ESCAPE the room before time runs out!

Not every group solves the Rocky Mountain Escape Rooms challenge in time… but every group has a complete blast!

Think your group has what it takes?

Give us a call and find out!

Give Your Group Something Different And Memorable
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Rocky Mountain Escape Rooms

Perfect For Corporate Team-Building And Staff Bonding

How does your team work together to solve problems and move the firm forward? Do they get along well? Do they bring out the best in each other? Do they get the job done, and done well?

No matter how effective your problem-solving teams are now, the Rocky Mountain Escape Rooms experience is sure to give them a great challenge, unique new insights on themselves and each other, and a fun memory that will help bring them closer and make their work together more powerful.

We’ll start by helping them understand their working and problem-solving styles more deeply through the DiSC profile. Then, we’ll get to know your people and tailor the escape room experience for maximum impact for them. And we’ll dial-up just the right level of challenge to make the hour powerful, whether they solve the challenge or not.

The puzzles are challenging and interesting. Great team building exercise!
I love that the escape room comes to where I am rather than me having to drive there.
Such a great idea! Friendly staff too!

Molly R.
We Know The Secret Be Quiet

Here’s How To Make That Special Occasion Even More Special

Family reunions… graduation parties… birthday parties… wedding celebrations… these are the occasions that create special memories and make life worth living!

You’ll never forget your wedding or graduation. But a Rocky Mountain Escape Rooms experience can add that extra something everyone in the group will treasure.

Remember, “the group that plays together STAYS together.”  And when your group “plays” against the clock, finding clues and solving puzzles to escape the room on time, they’re sure to grow closer and have wonderful times they’ll enjoy re-living at every future get-together.

[Rocky Mountain Escape Rooms] came out for our daughter’s 16th birthday.
She, three friends, and my wife all went in!
58 mins later, we all came out, screaming for joy, with grins from ear to ear!
Great times were had by all! Thanks for a memorable time!

Matt G.

A Great Way To Spice Up “Date Night” Or Any Social Event

Two people can have a great time solving the Rocky Mountain Escape Rooms challenge!  And what better way to get to know each other than to work as a team to beat the ticking clock…?

Whether it’s a first date, a double date, or a small gathering of friends, Rocky Mountain Escape Rooms can bring a unique, fun experience right to your door.

Ready to plan your next date or dinner party?  Give us a call!

This is a fun and challenging experience.
A new and not the same old normal, boring plan for the weekend.

Theresa D.

Not Every Group Escapes On Time
… But Every Group Has The Time Of Their Life!
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Rocky Mountain Escape Rooms For Your Special Event


Rocky Mountain Escape Rooms… The Fun, Unique Experience In Denver

We can’t wait to make your next team-building, date night, or special occasion the most fun and memorable experience you can imagine.

  • The Escape Rooms – You and your friends are hiking through the woods, when you come across The Camperyou check it out, and the door locks behind you!  OR, you and the rest of your group find yourselves suddenly locked in The Asylum, and you’ll have crazy fun solving the extreme challenges to escape on time.  And, coming soon, you’ll be able to take your group into our Express Room – all the challenge and excitement of the Rocky Mountain Escape Rooms experience, in just a few minutes!

  • Great Group Experiences… And More – Rocky Mountain Escape Rooms offers full consulting services, too… we’ll help you design your own escape room, or customize one of our unique puzzles to fit your company’s needs.  And through our franchising model, you can take advantage of our experience and know-how to get into this fun business in far less time (and with far fewer headaches) than you might expect.

  • We Love Our Customers – and they love us!  Check out our dozens of five-star reviews on Google.  Our enthusiastic testimonials from customers make our day… and we can’t wait to earn one from you.

Rocky Mountain Escape Rooms
We Bring It!


Nick came out for our daughters 16th birthday. Her, three friends, and my wife all went in! 58 mins later, they all came out, screaming for joy, with grins from ear to ear! Great times were had by all! Thanks for a memorable time! Can’t wait for the next challenge to be completed!

Matt G. Littleton, CO