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I've done one in Boulder twice and this equally matches it. Did this with my family and we all had fun, the problems were really cool that they'll meet you where ever you want!
Tim Brock

Great puzzle! And best thing ever, it will travel to you!
Raela Stander

Ohhhh man, THIS IS INCREDIBLE! Best escape room I have ever been to.
Invisa Plate

I really enjoyed this escape room. Puzzles and clues were challenging, but not overwhelmingly difficult. The fact that it is mobile and will come to you makes it perfect for parties or as a team building exercise. Very fun experience, I highly recommend it.
David Fye

So much fun! We had Rocky Mountain Escape room come to a party at our house and not only was it a great experience, but we all grew closer as friends. It is a great, unique experience to have to work as a team to develop a solution to a problem, and the fact that it comes to your home, is amazing!
Tony Conz

Awesome experience! very clever and well done. Put your thinking caps on because you'll need it! Would definitely do it again!
Vanessa Ummarino

Great experience! So much fun! Challenging and exhilarating. Absolutely loved every minute. I would refer anyone to try this company. Professional, affordable, entertaining and money well spent. I wish I could do this over and over again! 
Lizzy Voiles

I have to say this is one of the best escape rooms I have done! Also so cool that it comes to you which saves so much time. 
Nicholar Dittmar

New Paragraph
New Challenging for sure. Entertaining for sure. Great team building... Loved it.....
Edward Stander

Can't believe this room! The most awesome one so far. Wow!!!
Cherie Joy

Awesome idea! I love that this is a mobile service and the concept is perfect for a party, work event or even team building. I have to say that I needed a little help to get going but once your mind is thinking right it's a lot of fun to solve each puzzle. The pressure to get out before 60 minutes makes it even more intense. 
The Chief Investigator is a nice guy and I can see his potential to make this a sought after activity.Love this - everyone should do it!
Jeff W

That was a lot of fun. The mobile idea makes it that much more fun. I would totally do it again. Thinking about calling you back to see your Halloween puzzle.

This was a stimulating, provacative, and unique tram building experience. We had a lot of laughs despite a lot of furrowed brows....highly recommend for anyone seeking adventure and fun. Look forward to the next one! !!!!
Ballard Moxley

The puzzles are challenging and interesting. Great team building exercise! I love that the escape room comes to where I'm at rather than me having to drive there. Such a great idea! Friendly staff too! 
Molly Ramirez

The Camper was extremely fun. It was definitely a different experience, but a fun one. This is an escape room that everyone should check out

Was very challenging but one you get going you really feel like you are in the moment !!!! Had to talk my lady into doing it... But when we finished she loved it !!

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